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Who we are

We innovate by applying cutting-edge technologies to the real world. We analyze, propose and develop solutions to take the industries to the next level.

BICTOP was founded in 2019 by a multi-disciplinary team that combines the knowledge and expertise acquired at some of the world’s leading academic institutions with a successful business track record in multiple industries and technologies.

Our goal is to help our clients maximize their results and impact through cutting-edge technologies and innovation in a world that is being rapidly disrupted by digital transformation.

While covering multiple industries and technologies, we focus on AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, ESG impact assessment, and System Dynamics.

Engineering and Consulting

From our expertise and knowledge of the different industries, we help our clients by adding value in the decision-making process and providing solutions based on the most applicable, cutting-edge technologies.

What we do

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We help companies to improve their forecasts, learn from data and make optimal informed decisions

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We provide advice on blockchain technology, business models, strategy and regulation & compliance.

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ESG Impact assessment

Through our propietary AI-enabled socio-economic impact models we incorporate social, environmental and corporate governance factors into our solutions, enhancing transparency in the ESG impact space.


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We are pleased to announce the official Inauguration of the new J-Clinic Healthcare AI Blog. Our Founding Father Ignacio Fuentes Riba collaborates, as program director at J-Clinic, in this exceptional …



“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

We combine our knowledge and research experience in the most disruptive technological areas with  our years of work and experience with several of the most prestigious educational and research institutions in the world. To make a difference you must go hand in hand with those who have lead the way in the pursuit of knowledge.


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