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Diversify your asset allocation with ease and create real impact. Direct access to sustainable infrastructure with social and environmental impact and critical corporate governance factors. Invest aligned with your values.

BICTOP enhances access to private real estate. Despite its volatility and diversification benefits, investments in private real estate have traditionally been highly illiquid and restricted to certain investors classes. Through digitization and reduction of the minimum investment size threshold, BICTOP seeks to facilitate investor access to this asset class.

BICTOP is continuously innovating to make private real estate investment risk management more efficient and transparent. With the digitization of real estate investments, BICTOP seeks to offer greater diversification of investment portfolios, more efficient processing of transactions, lower transactions fees and a streamlined and transparent asset due diligence.



Make our technology your differential advantage. We provide and arrange debt, liquidity and equity.

Liquidity does not only enable investors to exit a profitable investment timely; debt holders, who cannot repay their obligations, and real estate lenders can also benefit from lower-cost execution of mortgages as a result of enhanced liquidity.

BICTOP is accelerating the transition of private real estate from appraisal-based to Market-based returns.

BICTOP is not alone in this effort – it is working closely with innovative secondary Market platforms to sell private real estate investments to others, subject to some limitations.




As part of its fiduciary duty to its clients, BICTOP incorporates social and environmental impact and critical corporate governance factors into the investment analysis to Facilitate transparent decisions that can lead to long-term returns.

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What is securities regulation?

Securities regulation designates the field of law which covers transactions and other dealings with financial securities. Security tokens typically fall under the securities regulation of the country in which the issuing company is based, and in the country where the investor is located.

What is a security

Security token is a security issued in the form of a blockchain token. Both a security owner, and a security token holder have the same rights. The most typical securities are shares, bonds, and derivatives.

How does BICTOP work?

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What Is different from investing in Real Estate trough traditional means?

Rather than requiring investors to purchase entire assets or portfolios, we offer investors the option to purchase fractional interest in private market real estate deals through a fund structure. This capability allows investors on our platform the opportunity to further diversify their capital among real estate investments across the United States. In addition, we believe that investors on our platform will have higher liquidity flexibility.